A Day Before School

A Day Before School

Harsh P. Dhamelia





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This Story is dedicated to: Who always supported me in my life


-My Father–>Mr. Pravinbhai

-My Mother–>Mrs.Veenaben

-My Family Members

-My Friends–>Soul Mates









The Introduction




The Strange Home




Want to have a Ride




A Day with Thief




The Ultimate Fight




The Word




Let’s begin our journey!!!

Readers are warned to widened their imagination & open your heart & swim in your feelings.

Chapter 1: Introduction


Years ago!!! One day in a tiny village named vallbhipur a girl was living in home with her family of father, mother, brother, grandfather & grandmother. She used to go school daily at Saint Mary School. By nature shy, curious & obedient, loyal were the apparels she wore. The village had a strange belief towards girls. They believe that girl should be educated not more than High school. Also girl should compulsorily be doing work of home after marriage. Girls were not treated equal as Boys!!!

Let me first give the introduction of her family. Mohan is her grandfather with The Hitler’s nature. Viruben is very sweet granny. Sumit is the father always busy with his work. Mamie is housewife & a mother of the girl-Disha. Raghu is her brother with innocent smile, same as his nature.

One day Disha was going to school. She used to go school all alone way. That day she saw strange two stored giant house which she never seen before with unusual shape of it. She was very curious & went into the house. She called loudly, is there anybody in home!!! No one replied. She opened the room where she was baffled by watching the view. What??? She said!!! She saw river in her way. She was aback. She took deep breath & started walking towards the school & thought that it was not reality. She went to school & talked to teacher. But her teacher ignored her, same as her friends. Next day she again saw the river in the hose which no one noticed yet. This time she went near the river & was shocked when she heard some voice coming from the water. She was starring hardly around the water to see something but no one came round her. She went to school & was baffled while talking to friends about the incident.

Chapter 2: The Strange Home!!!


                     Next day she took her brother Raghu to the strange home, who was scared by her talk of the incident. He ran away while watching that strange unusual shaped home. She smiled by watching her brother & went into the home; she again heard some girly voice. She headed towards the direction of voice. She was surprised by watching the life beneath the water. She asked them who were they??? They too were scared by seeing her, they replied they were mermaids. Their body was half human & half fish. She was amazed by watching them. She asked where they live. One of them, Mira replied they live under the deep water with their families.

            Disha introduced herself to others, Mira and her marmites were amazed by her talk. She told about her family. As the time spent she used to leave home early & used to meet them daily & now they were good friends.


Chapter 3: Want to have a Ride


            One day mermaids told Disha to come with them for a short ride. She was little bit afraid but was more curious to see new amazing world out there. She, after having a pause nodded upside-down. They all went in a triangular format. She saw the new world of underwater fishes, sharks, whales, underwater plants much more. She saw colourful stones, different creatures, She was shocked when she heard them talking in her languages. Also she can breathe smoothly under water. When she came out, now she felt the new breeze, she cried little as she had never experience this feeling. She felt the world around her silent!!! She enjoyed the atmosphere round her.

            She told the whole incident to her friends, but no one believed her. She also conveyed this story to her family but they thought she was mad and that was just her dreamy talk.

            She now onwards used to go daily at that strange place to meet her friends. They too were excited to meet their new friend. They all played games had gossips about their world from both the sides and had a fun time.






Chapter 4: A Day with thief


            One day when they were playing in that room, suddenly a voice of running footsteps came. When they looked back some strange man was standing in front of them. They all got afraid by looking at that giant man. Man was 8 feet tall with beard face & strong muscles. They all started running here & there. He pointed Night hawk (gun) in front of them & said he is Abhay Shastra Buddhe, they can call him Abhay & he was not here to hurt anyone but was running from police and need a shed to hide for few hours to save him. If they will not co-operate he can shoot them. Disha stopped moving but mermaids didn’t, as they didn’t know about gun. Disha told them to stop at the place where they are or otherwise they can get killed. The house had pin drop silence for few minutes. Then Disha told about her and their friends to Abhay & informed that they don’t have any precious things.

            Abhay was getting bored but still listened to them as he wanted to spent time. He was getting interested in the talks as the incidents were articulated & were moving ahead. He found them sweet & innocent as they talk gently all things to the strange young man.

            Abhay also conveyed his story of becoming thief. How his parents were killed in a strange accident & He was left alone in this world. He was 5 years old at that time & didn’t know what to do? He started begging at that age but no one helped him. Everyone cursed him and said bad words to him & about his parents. He then started stealing things of people. He now used to make money after selling those items & can earn much so that he can eat 2 times a day food. He cried little while remembering those days.




Chapter 5: The Ultimate Fight


            The conversation continued for more than 2 hours. Suddenly the flow of water began to unstable than earlier. The level of water aroused higher & higher. All of them were aback by the circumstance. They didn’t know what to do? A giant octopus in front of them!!!

            All were scared & started screaming & were totally confused. Octopus seemed furious and was trying to find something (precious for him), which it thought they might have taken. The giant man roar!!! & told to others to remain silent, run at the other end, he said!!! I have loose many things in life, but I don’t want to lose you. You all are my friends & I will fight for you. Run, run, he said!!!

            He started firing on the creature. Creature also started attacking him. Man was injured; his both arms were coated with blood. Also water had turned into red. In no time the gun in the hands of man was thrown by the shot of octopus. Gun was thrown near Disha. Abhay called her & said Shoot!!! Shoot!!! Hurry up!!!

            Disha was baffled & didn’t know what to do. She was not moving from her place & was like statue. All were screaming. Abhay thought now he will be no more!!!

            Suddenly the voice of shot was heard, all looked at the direction of Disha. Disha had gun in her hands, but her eyes had turned larger than before. All didn’t understand what happened!!! They all look at water, it seemed quiet as before & all of sudden where was the creature??? It was disappeared. They all run at the man to help him. Abhay said he is ok & did not need their help. He snatched the gun from the hands of Disha & went away from the house in few minutes. Mira & her friends also said good bye!!! to Disha & said that they should leave now as their family will be worrying for them. Disha also leave for her school, today she was late for school.




Chapter 6: The Word


                Teacher asked her why she is late. She told the incident. Teacher was furious, as she thought that she is giving excuse all the time. Teacher gave the punishment to remain out of the class for whole day. She kept the light smile on her face & went outside the class. After the class a girl from other class came to her & asked what? What happened? Why are u out of the class? She replied, Friends!!! Friends!!! You should to keep good friends in your life. You will start enjoying your life.

                Like this way, I will enjoy, by standing out of the class, she said!!!

                Huh!!! She berated & went into the class. Disha laughed little, little louder, louder & louder.



—Story by: Harsh Dhamelia

Have A Nice Life Ahead

Keep Smiling!!!

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